We Both Wanted to Have Whiter Teeth

When my boyfriend proposed to me, I never knew it was possible to be that happy. Neither of us wanted a long engagement because we were just so excited to start living the rest of our lives together. We had a huge to do list that we had put together, and one of those things was going to our Livermore dentist so we could both have our teeth whitened. One of the things I was not cutting back costs for was a photographer, and I knew we would both be smiling a lot on our wedding day.

I wanted our smiles to be brilliant, which meant that we both had to get our teeth whitened. I knew that it was a very simple process, but I also knew that it was not something that could be done overnight. That is why I put this at the top of my to do list. I didn’t want to wait until just a few weeks before the wedding, because I knew that our smiles would not look as nice as they could. Our dentist was able to get us both in there at the same time, which was really helpful.

We had both had regular exams and cleanings just a few months prior to this, so this trip was all about getting our teeth whitening kits. It was very simple for the molds to be made, and the explanation on how to properly use them was just as easy to understand. Our engagement was only for four months, and our smiles went from being nice to being movie star quality just in time for our wedding pictures. I know we could have touched up our smiles in the editing process, but I wanted everything to be real that day. Just looking at our nice smiles is enough for anyone to see just how real our love is!