My Boss Needed a Back Adjustment

Of course this would not usually effect me too much, although this is a recurring problem and it does nothing for his sunny disposition. He has a chiropractor in Sacramento, but that was not where he was when he got this problem. In fact he was at this hotel in the middle of nowhere, or to be exact the Imperial Valley. He apparently was not hardly able to get out of the bed and so I had to drive down there and get him. I took one of the secretaries to drive his car back and I picked up some pain pills. Those put him out like a light, in fact I was really sort of worried. I was pretty sure that he took at least twice as many as you were supposed to take. In a lot of case people would be okay if their boss took a handful of pain pills, but for me I have to think about the alternative. If he is not around to sit in the big office, the next guy up does and that guy is a world class jerk.

At any rate I drove him straight to Sacramento and eventually I got him into the chiropractor’s office. That was not very easy, since he was still stoned out of his mind. I was really glad that he had gotten that far without throwing up in the back seat of my car. It took about an hour and a half to get done, because obviously they need you to be able to cooperate in order to fix your back. If you are incoherent then they do not want to put you on the table and hope you do not act like a rogue elephant. I guess they gave him a bunch of black coffee.