The uncertainty came after a day in which agen sbobet the legislation sailed through three different committees without a hint of opposition among lawmakers. | AP Photo

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TRENTON — New Jersey lawmakers moved closer on Monday to agen sbobet passing a bill that would allow sports betting at casinos, horse tracks and over the internet, but it remained unclear when Gov. Phil Murphy would sign the measure.

Committees in both houses of the Legislature advanced identical bills in a series of unanimous votes, resisting demands from professional sports leagues that want some of the revenue to go toward protecting the “integrity” of their games.

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The Senate and Assembly are now scheduled to give final approval to the legislation, NJ A4111 18RNJ S2602 18R, on Thursday the Assembly version of the bill does not yet appear online, agen sbobet with sponsors hoping to make New Jersey the second state, after Delaware, to get sports betting up and running. Operators said they could be taking bets almost immediately.

“We’re going to be ready, willing and able to go on Friday, as soon as we get our license,” Dennis Drazin, operator of the Monmouth Park Racetrack, said at the Statehouse as lawmakers discussed the bills.

But Murphy, a Democrat who is in in the midst of budget negotiations with state Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, was said to be making no promises about when he would put his name to the bill.

The governor’s office plans to wrap the issue into a broader discussion about the budget and other related bills, according to two sources familiar with the ongoing talks.

With a June 30 deadline to pass a spending plan and no sign of compromise among the Democrats, it’s possible the measure could be left on the governor’s desk for weeks.

“Let me be clear: There’s been no commitment from the governor that he’s going to sign it quickly,” Sweeney, the sponsor of the bill, told reporters after a committee vote.

Sweeney seemed taken aback by the suggestion the issue could become entangled in the ongoing budget feud.

“For what? This is not negotiations for us. If he wants to hold it that way, it’s his call,” Sweeney said. “I can’t possibly imagine somebody thinking this is part of budget negotiations, but I’ve been surprised before.”

The governor’s office, agen sbobet which typically doesn’t comment on pending legislation, did not release any statements about the sports betting bill on Monday.

The uncertainty came after a day in which the legislation, despite some last-minute amendments that didn’t arrive until later in the afternoon, sailed through three different committees without a hint of opposition among lawmakers.

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