Ingredients used in the weight-loss supplements

To be fit and healthy, you need a good understanding of your metabolism and metabolic rate. This includes knowing what is meant by your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. Your BMR is the rate your body burns up calories to maintain its basic bodily functions. It makes up approximately 60% of total energy used and decreases as you age. Even if you stayed in bed all day, your body would still burn up calories. These days many use pills to reduce weight. In the case of quick slimming pills in Singapore people use these to reduce their weight safely and quickly.Weight-loss supplements have many ingredients like herbs, fiber, and minerals in many combinations and in different amounts.


Calcium is a mineral you need for healthy bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and many of your body’s functions. It’s claimed to burn fat and decrease fat absorption. Calcium is safe at the recommended amounts of 1,000 to 1,200 mg a day for adults. Calcium can cause constipation and decrease your body’s absorption of iron and zinc if it’s taken in a larger amount.


Caffeine is a stimulant which gives you boost of energy and also make you alert, burn calories, and increase the breakdown of fat. Caffeine is safe at low doses. But it can make you feel nervous, jittery, and shaky. It can also affect your sleep. It can cause nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and seizures if taken in high doses.           


Chitosan comes from the shells of crabs, shrimp, and lobsters. It’s claimed to bind fat in the digestive tract so that your body can’t absorb it. Chitosan seems to be safe.


Chromium is a mineral which helps you to regulate your blood sugar levels. It helps you to increase muscle mass and fat loss and decrease appetite and food intake. Chromium is safe at only at very small recommended amounts, which range from 20 to 35 micrograms a day for adults.

Coleus forskolin:

Coleus forskolin is a plant that grows in India, Thailand, and other subtropical areas. It is basically made from the plant’s roots and it helps you to lose weight by decreasing your appetite and increasing the breakdown of fat in your body. Forskolin seems to be fairly safe. But people have taken it for only a few weeks as per studies.


Fucoxanthin is a substance that’s found in brown seaweed and other algae. It’s claimed to help with weight loss by burning calories and decreasing fat.

Garcinia cambogia:

Garcinia cambogia is a tree which grows all over the Asia, Africa, and the Polynesian islands. Hydroxycitric acid in the fruit is claimed to decrease the number of new fat cells your body makes, suppress your appetite and reduce the amount of food you eat and limit the amount of weight you gain.

Green coffee bean extract:

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. Green coffee bean extract is claimed to decrease fat accumulation and help convert blood sugar into energy that your cells can use. The safety of green coffee bean extract has not been studied. It might cause a headache and urinary tract infections. Green coffee beans contain the stimulant caffeine.

Green tea and green tea extract:

Green tea is also called as Camellia sinensis and it is nowadays a very common beverage all over the world. Green tea reduces body weight by burning the calories your body and breaking down fat cells, and by decreasing fat absorption. It also reduces the amount of new fat your body makes. Drinking green tea is safe. But taking green tea extract might not be safe.

White kidney bean/ bean pod:

White kidney bean or bean pod is also called as Phaseolus vulgaris which grown around the world and it is a legume. An extract of this bean helps to block the absorption of carbohydrates and reduces your appetite. Phaseolus vulgaris seems to be fairly safe. But it might cause headaches, soft stools, flatulence, and constipation.

Weight-loss supplements can also have harmful side effects and might interact over-the-counter medications and also with the prescription. Most of the best selling slimming pills in Singapore has the ingredients listed above.