Great Nutritional Advice for Stomach Condition

I was surprised that a visit to a chiropractor in Tracy CA put an end to my stomach problems, but that is exactly what happened. I started noticing extreme discomfort after eating many of my meals. At first I thought it was simply heartburn and proceeded to try the simple remedies for such a condition. Antacids worked at first, but soon they had little effect on the problem. A trip to the doctor’s office confirmed I wasn’t suffering from a serious condition, which was a relief, but it didn’t provide any answers either. I started skipping meals in an effort to avoid the pain.

A friend suggested visiting her chiropractor’s office. She said they have people there who deal with nutritional problems and maybe they could help. I figured it couldn’t hurt since the doctor offered nothing to help my condition. I made an appointment and went in to see what they could do for me. The staff seemed very friendly and concerned about my problems. Someone sat down with me and we went through my current diet with a fine tooth comb. What did I eat? When did I eat? Did I exercise? They asked all these questions and more.

The person I talked with thought my problem came from not having a balanced diet, and that is true enough. I usually avoid the healthy stuff and stick with the foods I used to eat as a teenager. The problem is I don’t have the digestive system of a teenager anymore. We worked out a plan of introducing a few modest vitamin supplements and some vegetables that I enjoy eating into my daily meals. I gave it a try for about a week before I noticed the pain was completely gone! I’m very happy with the results and am still surprised I found help for this problem at the chiropractor!