Getting to a Better Chiropractor Made All the Difference

Hot, backbreaking work. That is what I do for a living. I work construction in Arizona. A lot of the work is done during the nighttime hours as it is too much to work when the temperature is soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. My work actually begins when the sun is going down. I show up at work and get ready to build buildings while everyone else is getting ready for bed. However, even though we use a lot of bright lights, it is easy to need a chiropractor in Peoria AZ because you tripped over something at your construction site and hurt your back.

I was waking through an area where the construction site lights were out. It was one small area not covered because something happened to the light fixture to make it go out. I went from walking in a brightly lit area into an area filled with shadows. I tripped over a stack of pipes jutting out into the walking area and hurt my back trying not to drop my tools or have a serious fall. It was all the force I was putting into staying upright that got me hurt. If I could have spotted a safe place to just hit the ground, I could have rolled and been okay. Instead, I held onto the heavy tools never dropping either one. My back started to hurt right away. By the next morning I was calling off for work that night.

I had to go through the company doctors that were of no help. Then I decided to pay for my own chiropractor in Peoria AZ if they were going to give me a hard time about it. It took a couple of weeks, but the company agreed to cover the doctor I wanted to go to. It only took a couple of more weeks before my back was feeling great again. I knew it would be a temporary thing if I could get the help I needed. It just took a lot of work to get them to let me see a good chiropractor rather than the people they wanted me to see.