PokerStars has set a new record for their agen sbobet online slots payouts, as a PokerStars Casino player hit a progressive jackpot on the Millionaires Island game worth more than $3 million.

PokerStars’ Millionaires Island has paid out it biggest ever in-house jackpot to a player known as Anchor72. Image: The Stars Group

This win by a player known as “Anchor72” marked the eighth slots payout for PokerStars north of $1 million in the past 18 months.

Millionaires Island and two other internally developed slots are responsible for creating all eight of the new online slots millionaires.

Seven-Figure Wins

The jackpot Anchor72 hit on Thursday set a record — it was the biggest ever for a game developed by pokerstars jackpot ever on Stars. After spinning in the right combination on Millionaires Island, agen sbobet the slots fan scooped $3,047,961, which is the biggest win from the operator’s exclusive games.

In 2018, PokerStars has created three millionaires, with the largest win in March, when zafujohn banked $3.3 million from a non-exclusive slot, Mega Fortune.

As well as congratulating the latest Millionaire’s Island winner, PokerStars Casino Managing Director Bo Wänghammar was quick to state that he wants to see more of the same in the future.

“We’re focused on introducing more new, innovative and exciting games which allow us to create more winning moments for our customers and add to the twelve millionaires we have already made,” Wänghammar said in an press release.

Poker Takes Backseat

The comment from the senior executive comes at a time when poker’s dominance at PokerStars is starting to fade. In its Q1 report for 2018, The Stars Group announced a 23.8 percent improvement in year-on-year revenue.

Although poker rake for the period was up by 2.3 percent, agen sbobet casino and sports betting showed the most promise. Revenue for these two verticals grew a combined 55 percent, and now account for 34.2 percent of overall earnings.

Looking back over the last two years, poker’s contribution has steadily declined. In Q2 of 2017, the total contribution was 66.5 percent, down from 75.5 percent the previous year.

For players concerned that PokerStars is edging more towards a casino and sports betting site, this trend could be a concern. While the Q1 report shows there has been some crosspollination that’s helped poker revenue improve, the evidence suggests it will play a less significant role in the future.

As noted by Wänghammar, this will lead to more innovations in the casinos space, which should mean more seven-figure slots winners in the coming years.

For players, agen sbobet increased activity in the casino sector could result in more liquidity and bigger poker guarantees. However, it’s equally possible that the increased focus on non-poker products will lead to a decrease in action and value for the company’s core asset.

Spain’s regulated agen piala dunia online gambling market reported significant year-on-year revenue growth in Q1, as poker benefited from its new shared liquidity pool.

Figures released Thursday by Spain’s Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego DGOJ regulatory body show total online revenue of €163.3m, up a healthy 28% from the same period last year but a 5.7% decline from Q417’s total.

Sports betting claimed slightly over half €81.7m of overall Q1 revenue, up 15.9% year-on-year but down 21.1% sequentially. In-play betting accounted for 62.5% of sports revenue and 67% of betting handle, while pre-game fixed-odds betting claimed 34.9% of revenue and 30.2% of handle.

Online casino revenue surged 51% year-on-year to €56.6m, with online slots claiming over half 52.7% of the casino total. Live roulette claimed the second largest share chunk at 21.1%, followed by conventional roulette 15.2% and blackjack 11.8%.

Online poker got a boost from the launch of cross-border player liquidity pooling between PokerStars’ French- and Spanish-licensed sites. agen piala dunia Overall poker revenue improved to €21.5m, with cash games revenue rising nearly 30% to €8.4m and tournaments spiking 50.2% to over €13m. Cash game spending was up nearly 19% while tournament fees were up 40.4%.

Online bingo revenue was up nearly 30% to €3.5m, while the contests segment proved the lone decliner, tumbling 80% to a mere €200k.

Active user ranks spiked nearly one-quarter to just under 800k, while customer deposits shot up 58.7% to €562m. Operators were making a serious push to attract customers in Q1, with marketing spending up nearly 36% to €76.3m.

In April, Spanish legislators proposed cutting online sports betting and casino taxes from their existing 25% of revenue down to 20%. The changes, which could come into effect on July 1, agen piala dunia could make Spanish-licensed operators more competitive with the offering of internationally licensed sites currently serving Spanish punters without a local license.

The importance of Spain’s online gambling industry was on full display in the latest e-commerce report by the National Commission of Markets and Competition. ‘Games of Chance and Gambling’ accounted for 3.5% of Spanish online spending in the third quarter of 2017, the seventh-highest ranking. In terms of online transaction volume, gaming and betting place third with a 5.8% share.

Place Player Prize 1 Ryan “ISlowRollYou” Hohner $8,272 2 Deansk1138 $5,584 3 Trojan526 $3,102 4 David “coles93” Coleman $2,068 5 3ShotWonder $1,654

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