A Bad Back Doesn’t Care About Your Life

Until I got lucky and found the best chiropractor in Oklahoma City I’ve ever found, I would tell most people to go ahead and visit a chiropractor, but with a couple of important warnings. One, do your research. Don’t just pick one out at random and show up. Two, and most importantly, talk to them! Make sure that you tell them exactly what your problem is and how you are feeling. Too many people get a bad case of shyness and try and hide things. Don’t do it. Tell them what is wrong. It’s the only way a great chiropractor can help you.

Of course, a great chiropractor, such as the one I recently visited, usually has the bedside manner to know when you’re being a bit hesitant about the facts of your situation. I hurt my back, again, doing an activity I won’t get into here. I didn’t want to talk about it, but the chiropractor kind of got the message by employing an elliptical method of questioning and then let it drop. It was the strangest thing. I knew the knew without having to say anything about it. Regardless, their knowledge about the nature of my injury helped with the treatment.

And what a treatment it was! I’ve been to chiropractors who couldn’t fix anything, or took forever with too many appointments to provide relief. This chiropractor got right down to business and attacked the problem in a way that provided immediate relief. I few pulls and stretches and I felt better than I’d felt in a long time. I’ve got some chronic back issues anyway, but I know that I’ll only be coming back here for any future problems. I’m not even going to take a chance on anyone else. When you find a great chiropractor, you stay with them through thick and thin.