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Lat Pulldown Techniques for You

Lat pulldown exercise, also known as cable lat pulldown is one of the very effective compound exercise, which is designed to work the latissmus dorsi muscles. These muscles are responsible for extension, adduction, horizontal adduction, etc. It is a compound exercise, as there are two joints, the shoulder and elbow joints that are moved, while doing this exercise. Muscles worked are bicep muscles and the muscles located in the middle of the back. If you do not exercise in the gym and are looking for alternative to this lat, then chin ups and pull-ups are the best exercises, as they work on the same muscles.

It is an excellent back exercise, for beginners to work the back muscles. It is also beneficial for a person, who finds it difficult to do the chin ups.

Technique 1: Front of the Neck

Woman Doing Lat Pulldown Exercise
Man Doing Lat Pulldown Exercise

Here is the right technique to do this exercise. Sit on the bench of lat pulldown machine and place your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands at a little more than shoulder width distance on the overhead bar in a pronated grip, also known as overhand grip. If the distance between your hands is too much, then the range of motion will be compromised upon. Now slowly pull your shoulders straight down towards the floor, as you pull the bar smoothly downwards. When you do this movement, concentrate on bringing the shoulder blades together at the back and the elbows as far as you can, towards the floor. Arch your back in the middle and complete the movement, by touching the center of the bar to the collarbone area or the upper chest. Hold in this position for a few seconds and then slowly, in a controlled manner return the bar upwards, until your arms are straight. Now move the shoulder blades wide and shoulders up high, as though you are going to shrug and allow the pull of the bar to stretch the muscles in your back. Relax in this position for a couple of seconds, before you repeat the exercise.

Technique 2: Behind the Neck

Man Performing Lat Pulldown Exercise Behind the Neck
Woman Performing Lat Pulldown Exercise Behind the Neck

There is a controversy, that surrounds the lat pulldown behind the neck. It is important to note, that if there are no existing problems and proper technique is followed, then it can be done very safely. Since, excessive external rotation is required to do this exercise, it can be potentially harmful to the shoulders. Hence, you will have to take utmost care, when you are doing this exercise.

To do this exercise, grasp the lat machine bar with an overhand grip a little wider than shoulder width. Sit on the bench, place your knees under the pads and place your feet flat on the floor. Lean your torso a little backwards from the hips, retract the scapulas and pull the bar down to the back of the neck. Hold in the position for a few seconds and then in a controlled motion, return the bar back upwards.

If you suffer from shoulder pain or back pain, then this is not an exercise for you. While doing the exercise, if you are not sure, then it is recommended, you take help from your trainer. If you notice any pain, then stop doing the exercise and talk to your trainer about the same immediately.

Ways to Lat Pulldown Exercises

Lat pulldown exercises, also called cable lat pulldown, is a compound exercise, that is designed to stress and develop the latissimus dorsi or the lat muscles. To know the exact location of these muscles, you will have to stand with your elbow in the air at about 45 degrees in front of your shoulder. Rotate your elbow in a smooth arc down and back until it stops, and the elbow is pointing down and back towards the floor at a 45 degree angle. Now if you touch your back with the other hand, you will have a bunched up feeling in your back, that is the lat muscle. The lat pulldown exercises are called compound exercises because it involves the movement of two joints, namely elbow and shoulder. When you do the full range of motion of the exercise, it works the biceps and muscles of the middle arm. The motion of lat pulldown is similar to the chin-ups.

Using Lat Machine

If you are using the lat pulldown machine to do this shoulder exercise, keep your back straight and place your feet on the floor. Now, slowly pull the overhead bar down to your chin level or a little lower in a smooth motion, as you squeeze the shoulder blades together. Make sure there is no jerking motion, as there are chances of getting injured. When you pull the bar down, do not try to force the bar lower than your shoulders and keep your forearms more or less upright. Your arms also should not be pushed forward out of the vertical plane in order to drag the bar lower. Any such movements can cause torquing of the nerves or muscles. While returning the bar back, make sure you do so in slow motion and return the bar to its full height. Slowly repeat this arm exercise. Once you have finished with your set, make sure you do not release the bar suddenly and clash the weights. This can also jerk your muscles. Therefore, stand up and slowly release the bar, so that the weights do not clash.

When you are doing lat pulldown, you should ensure, that you do not sway back too far. You may have to sway back a little, but make sure it is not too much. The overhead bar should be pulled down in front of your neck and not behind your neck. This can be dangerous for more than one reason. One of the prominent reason for this is that the shoulder and neck joints come together in such a position, that you will become vulnerable to injury. You may have noticed people do practice this version of the exercise as well, but it is not recommended for beginners. This can be practiced once you get used to the exercise.

Using Resistance Band

If you are not a gym person, or do not have access to a lat pulldown machine, then you can use the resistance band to do this exercise. We will do this resistance band exercise, one side at a time. Stand and hold the band in both the hands above your head. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder-width. Stand straight and engage the core muscles. Keep the left hand stable, contract the lat muscles on the right side and pull the elbow down towards your ribcage. Slowly come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times. Then change sides, and repeat the same on the other side as well.

When you are doing the lat pulldown with the resistance band, you are in control of the resistance. If you desire more resistance, then you will have to hold the hands closer together. Alternatively, you can use a heavy band. When you are doing the exercise, do not move the non-working arm, you will have to instead contract the muscles and keep the arm stable, when the other arm is in movement.

When you do the lat pulldown, if you experience any pain, then it is recommended, you stop doing the exercise immediately. If you suffer from shoulder or elbow injury, then you may want to talk to your physician before you do this exercise.

Ways to Back Stretches for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, nearly all women experience lower back pain, which is caused due to several reasons. Firstly, the excess weight gain and the increased pressure on the lower back leads to back pain. Secondly, in some cases, the changing hormonal condition also gives rise to back pain. If you too experience throbbing or dull pain in the back, following easy and simple exercises will be helpful to you.

Exercises for Pregnant Women

Most of these exercises are simple and easy to do. However, make sure you perform them under the supervision of a trainer.

You should stand with your back to the wall. Now slowly try to raise your arms upwards. Try and stretch your arms above your head as much as you can, but keep your feet straight, do not bend them. Try to maintain the position for 5 seconds, without any discomfort. Now, slowly lower your arms and get back to the normal position. You can do this for 4-5 times a day to prevent back pain.

You should get down on your fours, i.e., hands and knees. Your hands should be placed directly below the shoulders and knee exactly below the hips. Take in breath and let your belly sag. When you let out breath, you can arch your back or keep it straight. This exercise is known as pelvic rock, and is one of the most effective exercises for pregnancy.

Just like above, you should get on your fours while keeping the back straight. Then, rock back and forth slowly, while keeping the back straight. Try to move as much back and forth as possible, without causing any discomfort or losing balance.

You should stand in a comfortable position. Now, clasp your hands (not too tightly) behind your back. Next, try and lift your arms as high as possible. Hold the position for 2-3 seconds, and then bring back to the original position. This exercise can also be done for 4-5 times every day.

It is recommended to perform the exercises only if your doctor recommends it. As a safety measure, while performing exercises, stay away from objects that can cause injury. You should also try not to stretch your limits excessively. Make sure you are comfortable and have something to support you. Along with exercise, taking complete and proper rest is also helpful to relieve back pain.

Ways to Choose The Right Dental Insurance

USA based Aetna and Cigna supplies a wide array of Dental Insurance for family members, consumers and college students. Aetna and Cigna offers positive aspects through several organisations in the United states of america. Should you be serious about acquiring Aetna Insurance, you need to know that lots of of their Dental Insurance Plans are meant as Health Maintenance Organizations, or HMOs. This means that you may be forced to choose a medical provider from the network to become your Primary Care Health Practitioner. Having said that, Aetna and Cigna prides itself on supplying choice to consumers and has numerous other Dental Insurance options available. Almost 19 million folks in the United States receive Dental Insurance Coverage through Aetna and Cigna

Not all of Cigna’s Dental Insurance Coverage force patients to work with an HMO. Aetna even offers several PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Dental Insurance Plans as well as a few more traditional options that permit individuals to go to any service provider they select. Pupils are also able to choose to purchase Aetna Dental Insurance Plans should they be not protected under his or her parents’ Insurance Plans. Most Dental Insurance Plans usually are competitively priced and, as a result of network framework, sometimes have more affordable deductibles than comparable Insurance Plans from other businesses. Available Insurance Plans can vary among states.

Aetna offers Dental Insurance Plans as an addition to its Insurance Plans although dental just isn’t offered as a stand-alone product or service. Features and prices will vary. Dental Insurance Plans via Aetna are structured much like their medical insurance; you can choose a DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization, or as Cigna calls it, a DMO), PPO, indemnity, or freedom-of-choice. Individuals that decide to sign up for a DMO plan will be required to go with a Primary Care Dentist who can take care of all necessary dental treatments. Maintenance is covered entirely once just about every 6 months and simple procedures are taken care of following a co-pay is determined. Cigna Dental Insurance Coverage has the benefit of life and impairment insurance for your customers.

Despite the fact that Aetna and Cigna is considered the leading Dental Insurance Plans providers out there, like any other business it’s got both advantages and disadvantages. Aetna does impose pre-existing condition omission time periods and carries out intensive health care underwriting. Fresh mothers should consider another health coverage provider if they are expecting a baby and can’t handle the expenses by themselves. Cigna Insurance Plans is not going to include maternity-related expenditures; it will do, however, handle pregnancy issues. Infants also are insured for the very first 31 days. Lastly, Aetna will not provide Dental Insurance Plans to any person older than 64 ¾ years of age. The broad protection and very competitive prices Cigna delivers could very well be good enough to counteract most of these drawbacks. Seek information before you make a final decision.

Should you need assistance obtaining Dental Insurance Plans with Cigna, kindly visit their websites and provide your contact information to enable them to respond to your request and make suggestions.